Honki Kite


Web application for
selecting BASF system.

BASF is one of the biggest producers of construction chemicals in the world. The project, executed for construction chemicals department, introduces investors and contractors to the world of BASF systemic solutions.


BASF recommends application of its products in conformity with offered systems. A system is a solution for a specific construction need, e.g. heat insulation for a house or basement insulation. It is a combination of products that is meant to guarantee the most efficient and lasting solution. Unfortunately, systemic solutions are not commonly applied on the Polish market.


Education of contractors and investors about a need to apply BASF systemic solutions, and, at the same time supporting sales of comprehensive systems.


Having in mind customer’s expectations and users’ abilities, we decided to prepare a web-based application whose interface was based on 3D visualisations. The user, by turning a virtual building, becomes acquainted with available solutions. Once a system is selected, the user moves on to a detailed visualisation of the system and presentation of recommended products.

Our role:

  • UX & UI Design
  • 3D visualizations
  • Marketing support
  • Technical support
  • Project development
  • ISP
Honki Kite

1. User's need

An investor or a contractor searches for construction chemicals to accomplish a specific construction goal. They select an adequate BASF system for that purpose.

2. Systemic solution

The application indicates which products form part of the system, presenting the correct sequence of their application in the form of 3D visualisation.

3. Product

An investor or a contractor become acquainted with product characteristics e.g. performance and make a calculation of the quantity of products needed.

4. Purchase

After selecting an adequate quantity of products, the application indicates the nearest point of sale.

App basf flow diagram